How works Swapz bridge?

A Blockchain bridge is a technology that enables the connection of different blockchain networks to enhance communication and interoperability between them. It works by creating a bridge between two blockchain ecosystems, allowing them to communicate and share data.

The process of a Blockchain bridge starts with the creation of a smart contract on both blockchain networks. The smart contract is coded to recognize the transfer of assets between the two blockchains. Next, a user initiates a transaction, which is broadcasted to the respective blockchain networks. The smart contract of the bridge networks then validates the transaction and facilitates the transfer of assets.

The blockchain bridge technology is gaining popularity with the rise in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, which aim to create a seamless experience for users by connecting different blockchain networks. With a Blockchain bridge, users can transact with different cryptocurrencies and digital assets, exchange tokens, and even access liquidity pools across different blockchain ecosystems.

Overall, a Blockchain bridge offers a powerful solution for cross-chain communication that enhances the potential of blockchain technology for various industry applications.

More about the Swapz bridge User - EOA (Externally Owned Account) / Wallet from which the token X is transferred from one chain to another. Blockchain A Smart Contract - a smart contract on the Source blockchain which receives transfer requests from the user. Blockchain B Smart Contract - a smart contract on the Destination blockchain, which accepts the input from the user. Validator - a server that is responsible for verifying Lock, Unlock, Mint, and Burn transactions on the bridge smart contracts.

Chain and Token

As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs. However, I can provide a brief explanation of what chain and token mean in the context of blockchain technology.

Chain refers to the network of interconnected blocks that make up a blockchain. Each block contains data, cryptographic hash, and a timestamp. The blocks are linked together in chronological order, creating a tamper-proof and transparent ledger.

Token refers to a unit of value or digital asset that is created and managed on a blockchain. Tokens can represent different types of assets, such as cryptocurrencies, real estate, loyalty points, and more. They are often used as a means of exchange, as they can be easily transferred between individuals without the need for intermediaries. They can also function as a tool for incentivization and governance within a blockchain ecosystem.

Before sending tokens, you should double-check that you have selected the correct network and have enough tokens to cover the transaction fees. It's also important to note that transactions between different networks may take longer to complete and incur higher fees due to the added complexity.

To initiate the transfer, you will need to access your wallet and locate the option to send tokens. This may involve entering the recipient's address, selecting the token and network, and specifying the amount you wish to send. Once you confirm the transaction, it will be broadcasted to the network and will need to be validated by miners before it can be completed.

Overall, sending tokens between different networks can be a powerful way to facilitate cross-chain transactions and access new markets, but it requires careful attention to detail and understanding of how different blockchains and tokens work.

For send tokens from one network to another, tokens must be added to your wallet in the network from which you send and in the network where you send and, accordingly, the network to which you send must also be added. For example, if you send BUSD from the BSC chain to the ETHEREUM chain, then the ETHEREUM chain must be in your wallet and the BUSD token must be in it.

For this, go to the site "" and connect your wallet, select the network you want to add and click the button "ADD"

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Confirm by pressing the button "Approve", after which the network will be added to your wallet and you will be able to add tokens to it.


Go to the TOKENS tab, select the desired token and click "ADD TO METAMASK". Now you will see your tokens and will be able to send them.

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