1. Bridge Transfer Questions

  • How long do I have to wait for a transaction?

The waiting time for a transaction depends on various factors such as network congestion, transaction fee, and processing time for the specific cryptocurrency or blockchain. It may take a few minutes to several hours for a transaction to be confirmed and included in a block. It is always recommended to check with your wallet or exchange provider to get an estimate of the expected processing time for your transaction.

  • What is a Bridge Fee?

For example, let's say you want to transfer tokens from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain network using a bridge. The bridge fee would be paid in Ethereum tokens, since you are transferring from the Ethereum network. Likewise, if you were transferring tokens from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum using the same bridge, the fee would be paid in Binance Smart Chain tokens.

The amount of the bridge fee may vary depending on the network and the amount of tokens being transferred. It is important to check the current fee before initiating the transfer to avoid any unexpected charges.

The bridge fee goes towards maintaining and running the bridge infrastructure, which enables interoperability between different blockchain networks.

  • How to make a bridge?

To make a bridge, go to the project page https://cross2.swapz.app, connect your wallet by following the instructions and make a transfer.

  • The transaction was successful, but I am unable to see my tokens?

Sometimes due to high chain congestion, it takes longer for a transaction to complete. You can also write to us in the support telegram group for assistance.

  • Why does it take so long for transactions to be sent to the Cardano chain?

One possible reason why transactions may take longer to be processed on the Cardano blockchain is the protocol's design. Cardano uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which requires all transactions to be validated by a group of validators known as "slot leaders" before they are added to the blockchain. The slot leaders are selected randomly, which means that some transactions may have to wait longer to be processed depending on the current network activity and the number of validators online. Additionally, Cardano's focus on security and scalability may impact transaction times as transaction processing prioritizes security over speed of the blockchain network.

  • Responsibility of the Swapz project to clients?

The Swapz project is a bridge between different blockchains.We are responsible for the tokens that you send through us and nothing more. Swapz is not liable for any losses or damages related to network congestion or delays outside our control, such as network conceptions or delays.

  • If I send BUSD will I receive BUSD?

You will receive the main stablecoin on the receiving network. VELAS - BUSD BSC - BUSD POLYGON - USDT ETHEREUM - USDC