General Information

When a user performs a cross-blockchain swap on Swapz, all transaction details will be recorded in the blockchain, making it possible to track transfers between chains. The data recorded cannot be erased. If a user transfers funds from one EVM chain to another, they are moved from one address on the first chain to the matching address on the second chain. It is not possible to move funds from an address in one chain to a different address in another chain. Hence, by examining blockchain transactions for a single address across various chains, the user's transfer can be analyzed without requiring Swapz's intervention.


Swapz is committed to cooperating with competent authorities for legitimate official requests for information. A competent authority is an organization that is legally authorized by the state, municipality, or similar entity to request information or conduct investigations. To ensure compliance with applicable laws, requests must be made in English and sent in accordance with the Terms. Requests must come from an official email address associated with the competent authority and be based on a legal foundation. Swapz reserves the right to ignore requests that are not legally compliant. Please send all inquiries to [email protected].

Processing the Inquiry

Swapz will process legitimate authority requests submitted in accordance with applicable laws within ten business days. Requests must provide full details about the authority, the name and identification information of the person in charge of the inquiry, an official email and postal address, and a contact phone number. Additionally, the request must include a clear description of the types of information requested. To expedite the processing of requests, Swapz requests that the competent authority include transaction details relating to the inquiry, including wallet addresses, transaction hashes, transaction amounts, or other relevant information in their possession.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Swapz's correspondence related to requests from competent authorities is confidential and privileged and may be used only for the purpose of fulfilling the request. However, Swapz cannot guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information provided in response to a request and assumes no responsibility for any errors or deficiencies.